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ICCES'14 Changwon, Korea
June 12 - 17, 2014


ICCES is an organization of highly reputed international researchers, from academia, industry, and governments across the world, in the general disciplines of computational and experimental engineering and sciences. It was founded in 1986 by Prof. Satya N. Atluri. ICCES held the international meetings as follows:

  • ICCES 1986 in Tokyo, Japan;
  • ICCES 1988 in Atlanta, USA;
  • ICCES 1991 in Melbourne, Australia;
  • ICCES 1992 in Hong Kong, China;
  • ICCES 1995 in Big Island, Hawaii, USA;
  • ICCES 1997 in San Jose, Costa Rica;
  • ICCES 1998 in Atlanta, USA;
  • ICCES 2000 in Los Angeles, USA;
  • ICCES 2001 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico;
  • ICCES 2002 in Reno, USA;
  • ICCES 2003 in Corfu, Greece;
  • ICCES 2004 in Madeira, Portugal;
  • ICCES 2005 in Chennai, India;
  • ICCES 2007 in Miami, USA;
  • ICCES 2008 in Honolulu, USA;
  • ICCES 2009 in Phuket, Thailand;
  • ICCES 2010 in Las Vegas, USA.
  • ICCES 2011 in Nanjing, China.
  • ICCES 2012 in Crete, Greece.
  • ICCES 2013 in Seattle, USA.

Each year, ICCES conferences bring together more than 500 of the world’s most respected researchers in the disciplines such as Nanoscience and Technology; Nanostructured Materials; Engineering, Biology and Medicine; Bio-MEMS/Bio-NEMS/Labs-on-Chips/Life-Chips, Complex Engineering Systems; Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics; Computers, Materials, & Continua; Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences; Sustainability, Environment, & Climate; Disaster Prevention & Control; Computational Biology, Biomechanics and Bioengineering; Meshless and Novel Computational Methods; Soft Computing and Fuzzy Logic, etc.

The main focus of ICCES is to bring out interactions between engineering, life sciences, and the physical sciences, and to promote research at their interfaces, so that the fast-paced developments in these disciplines can be quickly translated in to engines for global economic growth. ICCES conferences have attracted the attention of various national academies , national governments, and multinational corporations.

  • The conference in 1991 was inaugurated by the Minister of Science in Australia;
  • the conference in 1997 was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Technology of Costa Rica.
  • The conference in Chennai, India in 2005 was opened with a comprehensive inaugural address on Science Policy by His Excellency Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, The President of the Republic of India . The conference in Chennai was also financially supported by such industrial giants as Tata Consultancies, Cater Pillar, etc.

ICCES has instituted many Awards, to recognize distinguished researchers for their lifetime contributions, outstanding young and promising researchers, as well as those for their multifaceted contributions to betterment of humanity through engineering, industry, commerce, and the sciences. The highest Award of ICCES (the Satya N. Atluri Medal, named after the Founder of ICCES) was given in 2010 to Dr. Ratan Naval Tata (Chairman of Tata Sons of Mumbai, India, a privately held conglomerate with assets of over 4 Trillion US $s), in recognition of his foresight in to the Nano-World, and for his continuation of his family's legendary philonthropy. The Plenary Lecture given by Dr. Tata at ICCES 2010 is posted at:

In continuing the great tradition of the previous ICCES conferences, ICCES2013 is being held in Seattle, USA. ICCES extends the warmest welcome the world's leading researchers in computational and experimental engineering and the sciences, to confer in Crete to exchange their ideas, and participate in the social gatherings for scientific networking.

ICCES'14 Organizing Committee.

ICCES 2014

The ICCES Conference, ICCES'14 will be held during June 12-17, 2014: Changwon, Korea.

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